| J o d i |
Oh man hun....where do i start?! you're here for me no matter what...through thick and thin.....i can count on you! there's been so many good times....lol, st.hoes.....good days....we've changed so much since then omg! lol! our like 50 million sites! there's a new site every week! who the hell does that besides us?! lol, all the times we spent hours on the phone talking about the guy you were obsessed with! lol and we still do! i can't wait to hear about semi and your special someone who shall remain nameless! lol! JAKEL!!!!! omg......it's written all over my grade 7 year book! lol, hey funny face! lol! Jodi, aka baily nixon, aka drew nixon aka erica nixon aka bianca aka lol, your single OFFLINE! lol! you finally got the internet back! lol! the mall o-m-g the the hicks...we are NEVER going to upper again! lol, i like that *tight* ass! buisness depot! lol, the laptops! beep....beep...beep....RUN! lol! paint shop pro 7...lol, we gotta get that! lol! omg.....i luv ya SO amazingly much! i'd do ANYTHING for you! i luv ya so much! xoxo!

| A l e x |
omg.....where do i start with you?! so many funny times! lol, lol, our 110k emails! lol, i haven't gotten one of those in a while! the emfamous black book! lmao! it sounds like the balck book guys keep their girlfriend's numbers in! ahahahahaha! omg.....kyle....what a fag.........i wish i could invent the number of times you make me smile....what a load of bull shit! omg, i'm such a blonde alex! lol, the 40 year old guys you were in luv with and thought was so hot.......i think you should be shot for that one! lol, rob.....if you two get back together i will slap you so hard you won't know what hit you! lol! ohhh man.....lol, walking to tim hortons with fata and watching the new kid in his basement! ahahhaha, you haven't mentioned his name in a LONG time and neither have i! omg omg! lol! i think the past has brought us closer together even though we hardly see each other anymore, but i know out *book* is gonna work for the best! lol! the ** you gotta be special to do the **! lol, my verions on emails! V. 7.0 alex is back....back again! lol omg, i luv ya so much!

|A m a n d a|
whoa.....i dunno where you've been these days...it's like we've totally grown apart even though we're in the same gym class.....i just want you to know i luv ya still and anytime you need to talk i'm here!

| S a m |
lol, good times good times! lol, your *sleepover*....this is the oldest tree in the oaks and well this is the youngest....and well you can tell how old it is! lol, the dr pepper! i saw someone drinking it the other day! lol, our school has drug dealers standing around...they'll sell ya anything! ohhhh man!!! good times! i luv ya hun!

| J e n n i f e r |
omg...lol, dance.....yah i know miss theresa hates me because i *never* wear my hair in a bun....but i don't give a fuck about the way my hair looks! lol! FEILD GOAL! omg...lol, we are so hyper in dance! lol, my karyoke singning...lol, NEVER AGAIN! the skippers! they hide at the convience store miss theresa! thank god they don't dance anymore! lol!

| L a u r a |
lol, it's my number one friend! lol! awww geeze what would i do in geography and math without you?! lol, well first off pet would probably eat me! ahhhh! lol! she needs a hair cut! lol! she never called you back on valentines day for our homework party! i think she was practicing her dividing! lol! omg, never again.....from now on we will not go within 50 feet of michael saccone and you will not talk to nolan!no you will not! lol, you are so embarassing! omg, our ghetto bus! C39, that's right! drug dealers on our bus! lol, its always a laugh with you! omg, i luv ya!

| D a n i e l l e |
omg.....where do i start......with you it's always laughs! lol, our 10 sum of perverted rapists! lol, which included nolan, shiv (you know who it is) lol colgangalo, jason omg.....that was toooooo funny! lol then our hick 10 sum with jonathan and kenny and the retrards at the school store! lol! pat.....lol, i think you should wear those shoes! you gotta come on our ghetto bus more often!!

| N a t a l i e . S a c c o n e |
omg....I WENT OUT WITH YOUR COUSIN! ahahaha, omg i still can't believe you didn't know that! his sister was gonna kill me! ahahaha, i got my braces off and well....you still have yours for a year or two.....it's ok you can still be made fun of, but you know what it'll only last a year or two more! lol! i know you luv me so much! ahahaha! who's that ugly girl in that picture.....it's me!

| J e s s i c a . a n d . M e l i s s a |
omg.........lol, it's always laughs with you TOO! omg, kellie i know you smoke! lol our jahvoa witnesses lol omg.......in art.....target pratice!! lol, we'll just line those kids up in the backyard and shoot them all down! lol, i had 5 abortions......i did 3 of them myself! lol! omg, jessica you told a guy you had cancer and made him cry!! AHHHHHH!!! lol!